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Holistic Massage

We can all benefit from this lovely experience, whether to maintain health, to help soothe and calm body and mind or to treat specific muscles. Perhaps you feel in need of some healing touch or pampering.

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How can massage help you?

Massage helps relax and tone the muscles and skin, stimulating the flow of blood and encouraging lymph drainage. This allows more oxygen to reach body cells and gets rid of waste, thereby aiding all body systems to function more efficiently.
Regular massage improves overall health, providing a space for total relaxation giving the body an opportunity to heal itself. (Stress suppresses the immune system).
Massage helps to recreate the need for touch which can be very healing in itself, bringing about a greater sense of well-being.
Massage also heightens body awareness, helping redress the balance in our mind-oriented society.

What does treatment involve?

Sue works intuitively with different techniques including swedish, neuromuscular and spine and neck realignments. You may come for massage predominantly for relaxation or you may have specific areas of tension where deeper massage is required, most commonly on back, shoulders and neck - or you may need a combination of techniques. The treatment is tailored to your needs.
Relaxing Massage calms and soothes bringing deep relaxation to body and mind. It is a profoundly nourishing experience.
Deep Tissue Massage is used to create suppleness and fluidity in the muscles. The whole body responds as other systems, such as the skeletal and nervous systems, re-adjust.


35 mins £36

1 hour £52

1 and 1/2 hours £75


0208 699 0287

07952 541164. Texts welcome.


Treatments available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 1pm - 8pm and on Saturday afternoons 1pm - 5pm.
Men welcome for treatment at New Cross.



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